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renewable energy

Help Create Clean Jobs!

See our Ailey Solar team in action at the 1:57 and 2:25 time marks in the video! Take a moment today to help Illinois create 32,000 clean jobs per year! HB2607/SB1485 (or the Illinois Clean Jobs Act) is a bi-partisan bill, supported by the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition, that was recently introduced by state lawmakers in… Read More »Help Create Clean Jobs!

Solar Chicago | 25% Below Market Rates


We are excited to announce that we have recently partnered with Solar Chicago, the City of Chicago and Vote Solar initiative to bring affordable solar to the Chicago area! After a competitive bidding process, Ailey Solar, Juhl Renewable Energy Systems, Microgrid Solar, and Kapital Electric were selected by the committee as contractors for the program. This… Read More »Solar Chicago | 25% Below Market Rates

ComEd Prices Increasing – Not for Solar Customers!


The Chicago Tribune notes ComEd is getting ready to increase prices again just in time for the summer.  Now would be the perfect time to switch to solar.  Choosing solar means no longer having to worry about price increases for your solar usage while you produce your own clean energy from your roof! From the article: “Starting June 1, Commonwealth Edison customers on… Read More »ComEd Prices Increasing – Not for Solar Customers!

EcoWatch: U.S. Solar Industry Had Record-Shattering Year in 2013


We had a great 2013 here at Ailey Solar thanks to all of our wonderful friends and customers! published an article noting the incredible progress that solar industry has made over the past year. {…} Today, solar is the fastest-growing source of renewable energy in America, generating enough clean, reliable and affordable electricity to power more than 2.2… Read More »EcoWatch: U.S. Solar Industry Had Record-Shattering Year in 2013