Ailey Solar is a solar PV designer and installer. We install the future every day by making quality, safe solar installations affordable. We provide quick and easy consultations so you can find out how simple and affordable solar can be for you or your business.


Jack Ailey

Jack Ailey


PrintJack Ailey is an experienced electrician with a city of Chicago supervising electrician license and is a NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional™. Jack has decades of experience in industrial and residential electrical maintenance and installation. He also teaches electrical classes at Prairie State College and Daley College.



Dorian Breuer

Dorian Breuer


Dorian Breuer NABCEP PV SealDorian Breuer is a NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional™ and brings a business and technical background to the team spanning a twenty year career serving in technical and managerial positions in a variety of organizations.



Ailey Solar is a member of the Illinois Solar Energy Association and the American Solar Energy Society Promoting Solar Energy in Illinois and Nationally.

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Why Solar?

It will save you money.

Electric rates are inevitably going to go up. By installing a solar electric system you are buying your electricity for the next 25 years in advance. In a few years you will have made back the cost of installation.  For the rest of the life of the system, you will get free electricity. Furthermore, you can get 30% of the cost of the system back as a federal income tax credit and the window of opportunity to get another 25% of the cost back from the state of Illinois is now open.

It’s good for the planet.

Global warming has already caused serious damage both here in the U.S. and around the world. We need to move away from burning fossil fuels as rapidly as possible. Getting some or all of your electric power from the sun is a great way to help. Illinois has plenty of sun and plenty of good roofs. We could get a lot of our energy from the sun.

Why Now?

Installation prices have come down.

The prices of photovoltaic modules have dropped dramatically in last couple of years. In addition, solar system costs are at historic lows. Some municipalities have also reduced the permitting costs.

The incentive programs will not last forever.

The federal tax credit will expire in 2016 and the Illinois rebate program in 2015 unless the political will exists to extend these rebate programs.

Why Ailey Solar?

Commitment to affordable prices.

We really want to see a lot of solar electric systems installed in Illinois. We are fighting hard to keep our costs as low as possible.

Commitment to industry best practices.

We follow best practices regardless of whether they are technically required by code. We make sure that our installations will give you the maximum electrical production and maximum safety. For example, we include a full grounding system to help protect your system against lightning strikes regardless of whether the code requires it. We also prefer to add a little space between the roof and the solar panels to get more air cooling to help the system operate more efficiently.

Look Into Solar Today!

If you a have a house with a roof facing south that is not blocked by trees or high buildings then you are an excellent candidate for solar!

 Contact us today for a free evaluation and quote!


Call Ailey Solar today at (773) 245-3912 or email info@aileysolar.com

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